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For Safety, Check Your Tires

The tires on your car or truck take a beating every day. Not only are they subjected to the rough roads but they also deal with a variety of different debris and stuff. Over time this can cause the tires to wear down. When this happens it can greatly affect the safety of the tires. In order to prevent this from happening you should have your tires inspected on a regular basis.

Tires should be checked for any lumps or bumps. Tires should also be checked for missing threads. The threads are responsible for allowing the vehicle to grip the…
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Know What Oil Goes in Your Car

Think you are pretty familiar with how a car works? Put gas and motor oil in it and it goes, right? What about your oil? Do you know which type your car needs? Does it matter? Actually, the type of oil you use in your vehicle can make a big difference in the way it performs and has an impact on its lifespan.

These days, most vehicles take synthetic oil because of its high performance and enhanced durability. But there are some exceptions. If you drive a late-model vehicle with low mileage, then conventional oil will do.

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Your Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

You are proud of your new car. You spend some quality time looking for just the right vehicle for you and your family. You looked for the right style, the right features, and the right appointments to make it truly your dream car.

Now, you're wondering exactly how to get the most from your new vehicle, and you need to know how to maintain this dream car in top shape. Your owner's manual has a schedule of required warranty service, plus a schedule of recommended service that would be best for your new car.

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TBT: The Fourth Generation Lotus Esprit Turbo SE

For this edition of Throwback Thursday, we're highlighting and old classic, the Lotus Esprit Turbo SE.

A replacement to the Europa, the Esprit was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in 1975. First-generation models featured 2.0-liter engines that created 160 horsepower. By the fourth generation (exhibited in the video), SE models were capable of 280 horsepower on overboost, from a 2.2-liter turbocharged inline-four.

Enjoy this beautifully shot video of an Esprit SE navigating the streets of Warsaw, Poland.



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The 3 Million Mile Man

Irv Gordon, an average-looking gent from New York, achieved the unthinkable with his 1966 Volvo P1800--on September 17th of 2013, the odometer on his faithful old car clocked its three-millionth mile. It took the 74-year-old Long Island native more than 20 years to reach his first millionth mile, and another 15 years of travelling to reach his second millionth mile in 2002. He became the official titleholder in the Guinness Book of World Records for…

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