The Tale of the $20 Mercedes-Benz

While there are a number of stories on new Lotus models, or used import luxury cars, that we could report about, we here at World Imports USA would like to share a more heartwarming story with you. The moral of the story? Dreams really can come true, even if many tell you they never will.

The story begins with Maurice Matthews working in the cafeteria of the Pittsburgh Steelers' training grounds. Maurice, a polite employee, had made friends with many of the team's members, and, of course, the team's secondary coach, Ray Horton.

Ray and Maurice would often joke with each other, and the main subject of all that joking was often Horton's flashy red Mercedes-Benz convertible. When Maurice would ask to borrow it, or take it for quick spin, Horton would respond with a quick jab like, "you can't afford the gas in it."1 The two would share a laugh, and brighten each other's day.

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These kind of encounters quickly become commonplace for the two, who became good friends during Ray's time with the team. Eventually, however, Ray was offered an enticing position with the Arizona Cardinals, which he just couldn't pass up. But, before taking off for his new job, Ray decided that he would fulfill Maurice's dream of taking his prized Mercedes-Benz for a spin... and, he did so in a rather unsuspecting way.

On his last day on the job, Ray approach Maurice and asked him if he had any cash on him that he could borrow. Maurice pulled out $20 and handed it to him, no questions asked. What happened next shocked Maurice, and most of those who hear the story for that matter. After receiving the money, Ray simply tossed Maurice the keys and exclaimed, "sold for twenty dollars!"2

When asked about his random act of kindness, Ray explained to the Arizona Cardinals team blog, "It's just taking care of the guys who took care of you."3

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