Reflection of the Lotus Esprit

Today's age is always looking for what's new. We at World Imports USA are taking a moment to remember one of Lotus history's finest inventions: the Lotus Esprit, but we're also here to tell you that we're excited for it to be making an epic return as a 2014 model.

The first time the world laid eyes on the Lotus Esprit was in 1976, and prior to that--as a prototype in 1972--it was received in high spirits, so only a few modifications were made. What's most interesting about this vehicle is it's lifecycle. Lotus' creator, the late Colin Chapman, was known for brilliant work, but he was also known for coming up with different ideas at a rapid pace; therefore, models stuck around only for short periods of time. The Lotus Esprit was different. This model went on to live for 27 years (and retired in 2004).

It was a hit from the start. In just its first two years, the company put out more than 2,000 copies. The cars were hand-built requiring almost 600 employee-hours to make. Retail price for one of these cars went for $16,000-$20,000. When the company added a turbo element--that jacked up the price. The original had a 2.0-liter double-overhead-cam four-cylinder engine pumping out 150-horsepower. The turbo edition increased to 2.2-liter of displacement with a bigger difference in power: 210-horsepower.

From Bond films, to "Pretty Woman" and Basic Instict" the Esprit continued to be iconic until its last days of 2004. Now, a decade later, it's coming back--cautiously.

One has to be very careful when taking on the challenge of reinventing such an iconic classic as the Esprit...I think we've managed to find the balance [acknowledging past and leaping into future] and in doing so created a new icon, a car people will find hard to resist," says Lotus Cars USA PR Boss, Kevin Smith.1

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us on our blog, or come visit our Jacksonville, FL showroom. We're excited for them to become available, but if you simply can't wait, check out our great new Lotus models today!

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