Hills are no match for Lotus

All it takes is a test drive in the 2014 Lotus Evora to realize that some cars in life were just born to be driven. From one year to the next, our favorite automaker here at World Imports USA has never disappointed in terms of upping the ante and giving us even more reason to get behind the wheel.

And now that we've seen the Lotus 23b climb a hill in Italy like you wouldn't believe, the need for speed has never been greater.

Just recently, the brass at Lotus put professional driver David Baldi in the cockpit of the aforementioned mean machine and strapped a camera on board to capture him do what he does best. And on the off chance that you weren't there to see it person, go ahead and watch the video below to see all the high-octane action you missed.

If all this speed demonry has you itching for a test drive, we'd be more than happy to set you up at our dealership here in Jacksonville, FL. Something tells us you won't be disappointed.

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