Visit Hethel and Watch Lotus Production- from the Comfort of Your Home or from the Factory Floor

Ever wondered how a Lotus is made? Check it out-

Purchasing a Lotus is purchasing the highest-quality handcrafted car. Lotus only uses one robot, which cuts composite components like carbon fiber parts. The brand only uses one computer-controlled jig, for bonding sills to bodywork accurately. Everything else is done by hand.

This great tradition of craftsmanship is evident in any Lotus model you see. The quality checks are rigorous and many, ensuring that no vehicle leaves the production floor unless it is pristine.

And did you know you can visit the Lotus headquarters in Hethel, England and pick up your new Lotus directly from the factory? You’ll get a tour of the factory and a souvenir leather booklet of photographs of your car from the very beginning of its production. If you’d like, you can also drive a few laps on the Lotus test track with a Lotus instructor!

Please reach out to us if you’re interested in this immersive Lotus experience! We would love to send you on an exciting trip to receive your new handcrafted car.

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