Care for Your Vehicle the Right Way This Summer

While it's always sunny in Florida, one thing that can't be discounted is that the temperatures reach a bonafide fever pitch once the summer months begin to roll around. Lifelong Jacksonville residents see this as nothing more than changing out their winter pair of flip flops for their lighter summer ones, but for their vehicle, it can mean so much more.

It's important to have a trusted team of factory-certified technicians that can reliably take care of your regular routine maintenance, but there are some things you can do to ensure that your Lotus Evora or Audi A3 is ready to go this summer.

The first, and perhaps most obvious of these steps is to ensure that all your fluids are topped off. Simply put; fluids are there to keep your car cool, and if you don't have enough of them in your vehicle, the Florida sun will take its toll. Keep constant tabs on your coolant levels, and if your overflow reservoir is empty, don't be shy about filling it up.

The other important thing to make sure of is that your tires are properly inflated. Temperature fluctuations can cause your tires to lose pressure; every 10 degrees dropped equals one PSI lost. What's more, is that the increased summer temperatures will heat the concrete of the Ponte Vedra Beach roads, and the transference of that heat to your tires creates an increased risk of a blowout.

It may seem like common sense but ensuring that your air conditioning is working is another important thing to do. Sure, the joke about Floridians being more terrified about a broken AC than a meteor hitting the earth applies here, but it's important for San Marco and Palm Valley drivers to be comfortable behind the wheel so that your concentration can be completely fixed on the road ahead of you.

If you're looking to ride in style this summer, explore our inventory of used luxury convertibles. And if you're in need of that bit of peace of mind schedule service with our service department and make sure you're ready for summer.

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