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A Lotus is Closer than You Think this New Year!

We all have some resolutions for 2015--it's just that time of year! Fresh beginnings and new starts, weight loss goals or scoring a great new job. And, possibly, getting behind the wheel of a gorgeous, fun, and invigorating Lotus model.

At World Imports USA, we've got what you want. Whether you're planning to buy a new Lotus or look into our impressive selection of used Lotus models, our helpful sales team and…

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Porsche Teams with Michelin to Create New Tires for the Porsche Carrera GT

It's easy to get caught up in what's new and next in the auto industry, but we mustn't forget older vehicles, either. It's a piece of history, and if they're still on the road, those owners still have needs for their vehicles. That's we admire German luxury brand, Porsche, for partnering up with tire manufacturer Michelin to create a new tire for a sports car built from 2003-2006.


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Porsche Swaps Horsepower for Pedal Power With Two New Bicycle Models

When we here at World Imports USA think of Porsche, we don't typically consider two-wheel transportation without an engine. But that's exactly what the German automaker is conjuring up images of with the release of two new bicycle models. Intrigued? We thought you might be.

And if you're not, then the fact that these two new bicycle models have been heavily inspired by the Porsche 911 might boost you're level of…

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