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Throwback Thursday Celebrates the BMW Gentleman Driver

Here at World Imports USA, we love Throwback Thursday. The Lotus brand has a rich history of performance, quality, and achievement, as do a lot of the luxury brands in our used vehicle inventory.

So when we came across this classic, retro BMW commercial, we just had to share it. It's from the 70's--and you can really tell it's from the 70's--and explores the love story between a BMW 2-series cabriolet…

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Audi Vehicles among Best to Maintain their Value!

Everyone dreams of someday sitting behind the wheel of a stunning and suave new luxury vehicle, but before you start crunching numbers to decide what you can afford, consider depreciation. What depreciation means, in short, is the drop in resale value over time. For instance, new Lotus models have a FANTASTIC resale value throughout their lives; an energetic fan base, combined with a fairly low-volume production, means that Lotus cars have high demand and somewhat…

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Volvos and Dogs: Must Be Love

October celebrates National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month! We at World Imports USA love our dogs like family, so we make sure that they have transport that's safe and comfortable!

Did you know that the Volvo XC70 was named a top pet safety pick by It was chosen not only for its legendary Volvo quality and safety, but for its innovative Volvo-specific pet barrier! The pet barrier locks into the back of the vehicle and…

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