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At World Imports USA, we pride ourselves on offering for sale only the finest pre-owned vehicles at prices that represent a great value for our customers. That commitment to both quality and affordability is what has set us apart from our competitors for more than 20 years.

In our search for vehicles that meet those exacting standards, we have discovered the hidden value and benefits of "manufacturer's buybacks" -- vehicles that have been repurchased by the manufacturer because of unresolved problems reported by the vehicle's initial owner.

Because these vehicles are repurchased under what is commonly called the "Lemon Law," most people assume that these vehicles are exactly that -- real lemons! We have found that is one of the biggest misconceptions car buyers have when they consider owning a vehicle that has previously been repurchased under a manufacturer's buyback program. (See our "Myths About Manufacturer's Buybacks " section.)

Yet, these vehicles rarely are real lemons. There are actually many different reasons why a vehicle could be repurchased by the manufacturer.

For example, a vehicle can be repurchased as a show of goodwill by the manufacturer to resolve a customer's dissatisfaction even if there is no evidence that a real problem exists. We have found this to be particularly common with manufacturers of luxury vehicles who, wanting to maintain the loyalty of a life-long customer, often buy back cars that you and I might never think to return.

In some cases, there may be a reported mechanical issue that could not be located or repaired by a service technician.

In still others, it may take longer than seems reasonable for a dealership to receive a part needed for a repair, and rather than wait, the customer instead requests that the vehicle be repurchased.

All of these instances would qualify a vehicle to be repurchased under the "Lemon Law." Yet, in each instance, the problem can easily be corrected by the dealer so that the vehicle's true value is preserved. In fact, this standard is mandated by state law.

Used Import Cars at Great Value | Manufacturer Buyback Vehicles in Jacksonville

A buyback vehicle must be returned to the original manufacturer's standards and backed by a manufacturer's warranty before it can be sold to the public. This protection is just one more reason many savvy car buyers choose to consider repurchased vehicles.

It's also one of the main reasons World Imports USA is sold on the real value of repurchased vehicles. We believe these vehicles offer a superior opportunity for our customers to acquire premium pre-owned vehicles at very affordable prices. That's the kind of opportunity that World Imports USA is more than willing to stake its reputation on.

In fact, we're so convinced of the real value that manufacturer's buybacks offer our customers that we will repurchase your vehicle -- even if you do not purchase another vehicle from our dealership!*

* Subject to the following Terms and Conditions:
Return the vehicle to World Imports USA for a full inspection. If the vehicle still meets our same high standards as both a saleable and suitable vehicle, we will offer to purchase the vehicle at a price that takes into account: 1) your purchase price; 2) wear and tear on the vehicle since the date of your purchase; and 3) current market conditions for the make and model of your vehicle. This in no way should be construed as an unconditional, money-back guarantee.

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