Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

 I know, that a revised "one year later" automotive dealer review, is something that is rarely done in the used car review business. But I think that it is important to emphasize the integrity and commitment that was shown to me by World Imports USA in dealing with my purchase.  Back in the beginning of August 2014, I wrote a review detailing my purchase at the end of July of a 2013 Crimson Red Z4 BMW from the above dealership.  It detailed the fact that this car was a "Manufacturers Buyback" and I originally had my concerns, which I assume anyone would, who has never considered that type of purchase, and might feel a little uneasy about.  I also pointed out that it was still under the original manufacture warranty for almost three more years, and how pleased I was at the purchasing process of the Z4 from start to finish.  In fact, I was so pleased with the whole start to finish process, that I accepted their offer to speak about my overall car buying experience in a commercial.  And by the way, I got $0.00 for that video review, and have not spoken to anyone at the dealership since the commercial's completion last year.

    But I know that there are still a lot of skeptical people out there who still feel like the stigma of "Manufactures Buyback" still leaves a sour taste in their mouths.

    Issues like.  "They probably never fixed the original problem".....    Or, "so they bandaged it together with bubble gum and bailing wire just to get the car back on the market".....   Or, "BMW doesn't want to take a huge loss on the car, so they needed to sell it again as quickly as possible to a non BMW dealership"......Or still, "Their must have been a lot of other issues that have yet to creep up and expose their ugly heads.  Or, "They (BMW USA), just want to get the car sold and let the local BMW dealership worry about the issues as they develop.  And my favorite... and I've actually heard this one...."Anyone who purchases a "Manufactures Buyback", better be ready to experience issue not covered by warranty and or live with many many visits to the dealership to keep said "lemon car" running".

   Well it's been 12 months since I wrote my original review and I must admit that my 2013 BMW Z4.. HAS.. been back to the Tom Bush BMW dealership in Jacksonville.  It went back for a scheduled oil change (free of charge).  It went back for a scheduled cabin micro filter replacement (free of charge).  It went back to have new wiper blades installed (free of charge).  It went back for a scheduled brake fluid flush (free of charge).  And it will go back in December for another oil change (free of charge).

   So, what is there left to say, except that if you're in the market for a high end luxury vehicle at an exceptional price point?and want peace of mind?.and can live with the words "Manufacturer Buyback", Then World Imports USA should be the place you want to visit........Period!     

   All in all, if I had to sum up the last 12 months of my 2013 BMW Z4 ownership??.."Just Miles and Miles of Smiles."   

                                                                                                                                                                                               Michael Fargnoli Jr.

        "On Saturday July 26th, I purchased from World Imports USA a Crimson Red 2013 BMW Z4 S28i.  When I reviewed the ad for this vehicle several days earlier, and emailed Paul C. to inquire about the Z4, I found that it was a BMW manufacture's buyback.  This gave me uneasy feelings about what I might be getting into by purchasing a so call "Lemon" automobile.  I read their section on manufacturer's buyback information and questions, where it said that the remaining original warranty would still be in effect.  So being concerned, I called Tom Bush BMW in Jacksonville and gave them the vehicle identification number for the advertised 2013 Z4.  They told me why it was bought back and what was done to fix the issue, (which, by the way, was the same information I received from World Import USA). Tom Bush BMW stated that the remaining full BMW warranty on the Z4 was in effect until March of 2017 including the free scheduled maintenance.  This gave me a more secure feeling towards purchasing the car.  I went to the dealership and spoke with Paul Cicchinelli, who was very helpful in answering every question I had from initial walk-in introduction to the final handshake and turning over the key fob.  I next examine every section of the car to see if it was as good as the pictures in the ad. (We all know how pictures can sometimes be very deceiving).  But to my amazement, there was not so much as 1 scuff mark on the driver's inside door panel or the entrance threshold. And for a tight enter/exit sports car, that was a big plus.   It was, in my opinion, well taken care of during its initial ownership and subsequent buyback period with BMW.  And since I went to see the Z4 the actual day it arrived at the dealership, I saw it even before they had a chance to detail it.  Aesthetic wise, it was everything they promised.  I then took it out for a ride and experienced what it was like to drive the Z4.  It was everything I thought it should be.  Then I noticed that there was a fault code for the DSC that was on.  I took it back to World Imports; they put in on the analyzer and said that the code needed to be reset, and it should be done under warranty.  I called Tom Bush BMW and set up my first scheduled free under warranty oil change and to have them reset the fault code.  I picked up the Z4 at Tom Bush, the oil was changed and the code was reset and the cost was $0.00.  Everything was under the original BMW warranty. The Z4 is my daily driver and it has now been over a month since I purchased it from World Imports USA.  The Z4 has performed flawlessly, and puts a huge smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel and push the start button.  I'm even surprised at the MPG that I am getting.  I have actually averaged around 28 MPG/week so far.  I'm not too aggressive with the pedal.

     World Imports USA delivered what they promised.  They gave me an acceptable trade-in value on my car and presented a reasonable price for the BMW Z4.  If you're looking for a luxury vehicle at a good price, don't pass up the manufacture's buyback program.  It's OK in my book."

Michael Fargnoli - Jacksonville, FL

        "Hello to World Import USA just wanted to send you a note to tell you that i appreciate the time,care and patients that you extended to me from the time i first inquired about one of your vehicles till the sale was complete. I am a simple person or at least i to believe i am and i like simple buying. Rob thank you was a pleasure to work with you and to share conversation. My wife was pleased with my choice of truck and was impressed with it,s age and condition. No doubt i will enjoy my truck for as long as i own it. I told Rob and i am sharing with you the price, the sale,the vehicle,and respect showed me leads me to tell you that World Imports USA is a company that is top shelf and is a business that i will consider for my next purchase."

Brad Freeman - Yulee, FL

        "We have received great service here at World Imports and will definitely come back and recommend family and friends too!"

Irvin Anderson - Gainesville, FL

        "I was definitively treated better than expected. Easy to work with, honest and worked the deal with me. Happy Customer."

Corey Staver

        "Thanks for all your help!"

Jawanda Waters - Jacksonville, FL

        "Service so far has been very good. Communication from Greg has been excellent and transparent."

Tom Shepherd - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great experience overall. Jason had great patients for all of our questions and our indecisiveness. Honest and upfront with a great supply of great vehicles! I would recommend this place to everyone I know!"

Brian Schuessler - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason was very helpful, nice and it was a great and fast process. Very happy with our Jeep!"

Robert Solei - White, GA

        "Great service all around. Kile and Rick were very professional and patient. I will spread the word!"

Rick Jones - Naylor, GA

        "Jason was very Patient with me. I was unsure of what I was looking for initially. I found a vehicle I loved - Look and Payment! Great salesperson with no pressure!"

Traci Schmidt - Jacksonville, FL

        "Wonderful experience with salespeople. I will continue to refer people to World Imports."

Peter Whitman - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Great service. Straight shooter. No games just straight to the point!"

Samuel Hills - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason was so wonderful to work with. I felt very comfortable with him and knew I could trust him and trust he was giving me a great car at a great price. We'll definitely be back!"

Steven Garrett - Fernandina Beach, FL

        "Kile made the process enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Kile and World Imports to anyone!"

Don Willingham - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very friendly helpful service. Job well done, Thanks!"

Joseph Bazemore - Jacksonville, FL

        "The staff was awesome, friendly and understanding. Highly recommend!"

Justin Burns - Jacksonville, FL

        "I thoroughly enjoyed my experience - the fact that Greg came out and introduced himself, gave us the car listing and let us look. This was exceptional."

Kim Haddock - Jacksonville, FL

        "Kile was pleasant well informed representative to work with. A good experience."

Todd Dudley - Ona, WV

        "Scott and Don were very pleasant and helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely refer people to buy from here!"

Tammer Ilcaffas - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very easy to find the vehicle we needed. Good experience with Kile and Don!"

Jackson Bruce - Amelia Island, FL

        "Scott was very helpful and informative. Not pushy and understood our concerns as we are expanding our family."

Wayne Whithham - St. Clermont, FL

        "Kile was amazing from the very first email and phone call. He satisfied all of my needs and requests without hesitation. I would refer refer him and World Imports is anyone of my friends."

Sarah Johnson - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Our salesperson was knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant."

Ernest Cornehl - Jacksonville, FL

        "Salesperson showed professionalism, prompt good communication, fairness and courtesy."

Jacob Cruz - Pensacola, FL

        "Scott was wonderful, courteous and professional. The best experience to date!"

Nicholas Abbatiello - St. Augustine, FL

        "Jason was very helpful with any concerns we had and was a very awesome salesperson! Will be coming back again!"

Sophia Retchless - Callahan, FL

        "The entire experience was pleasant and easy! Kile was very helpful and not pushy at all!"

Marcy Knight - Bryceville, FL

        "Buying this car was a pleasure, there was no pressure. Scott was very pleasant and answered all my questions. Thanks again for being so polite."

Melvin Chalker - Jacksonville, FL

        "Greg was a wonderful salesperson. He wasn't too pushy and was very knowledgeable. Gary made sure that I was able to get a good rate with the car."

Jasmine Butler - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great service. Low key and friendly. Third time to purchase a car here. We will be back! Thank you for a good experience."

Laura Smith - St. Augustine, FL

        "Excellent, efficient and easy to make the deal!"

Michael Lutz - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Very smooth process. Salesperson was very professional. Would highly recommend World Imports USA for car buying."

Kent Ralston - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Enjoyed the process - feels like a good deal for both sides."

Dean Beman - St. Johns, FL

        "Came down from South Carolina and everything went smooth, no issues."

Grant Goodrich - Hilton Head, SC

        "Scott did a fantastic job helping us purchase our Shelby GT500 Convertible! Finance team rocked by finding a great rate. Thank you!"

Timothy Rogers - St. Johns, FL

        "Scott is a very welcoming and very willing to help with picking my vehicle. Great customer service! Answered all my questions. Thank you."

Maritza Richardson - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason has been great to work with - this has by far been the best car buying experience I have had! Thank you!"

Ashlie Heeter - Callahan, FL

        "These guys went above and beyond to help me while I felt I was in a bad situation. They were all honest, courteous and helpful. I will deferentially recommend this dealership to other guys at my unit."

Tarius Williams - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "My experience here was great!"

Rodrick Lundy - Jacksonville, FL

        "Excellent customer service, very prompt with phone calls and very courteous."

Sven Hagstrom - Wildwood, FL

        "Low key, no pressure on test drives, sales etc. Much appreciated, friendly, helpful service on vehicle considered. Scott and Gary were easy to work with."

Raymond Barr - Jacksonville, FL

        "Our Experience here has been perfect. Customer service has been great and very informative."

Duke Royer - Brunswick, GA

        "Scott was very helpful and upfront with everything. He and Don Angle made sure I got a good deal and were not pushy in any way. It was very reassuring to know that they had an answer for every question I asked!"

Joshua Campbell - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason Anderson went above and beyond with outstanding customer service. Highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from Mr. Anderson and World Imports. Great Customer Service!"

Michael Brown - Jacksonville, FL

        "Salesmen were excellent and low pressure. Concentrated on selling the vehicle and answering my questions. Offered a number of alternatives which we ended up instead of the car we came to see. Will recommend to friends and family!"

David Hargreaves - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Outstanding Service! Honest and easy to work with. Thank you!"

Gary Hayman - St. Augustine, FL

        "Good experience, friendly, knowledgeable staff and fair price."

Christy Klinge - St. Augustine, FL

        "Quick, easy, nice to deal with sales team."

Chris Wall - Jacksonville, FL

        "Thanks for the stress free experience!"

Willie Walker - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason was very professional when he played phone tag with me for two days. The service from that point only sky rocketed once I came into the dealership and met him in person. The experience was great!"

Tori Eubanks - Orange Park, FL

        "Mr. Scott was very informative and patient with me and my daughter. We will we work with World Imports again!"

Juanita James - Jacksonville, FL

        "Awesome service! Can't wait to tell others to check this place out when searching for a car. Your service was great!"

Kiimberly Maxwell - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "You all were honest and straightforward. You took all the time we wanted and were patient with driving multiple times. We appreciate that you took with us!"

James Skeen - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Great experience buying a car at World Imports!"

Brison Merritt - St. Augustine, FL

        "Every time we come is a great experience. This is not our first car here and it won't be our last!"

Alan Propes - Jacksonville, FL

        "This has been the most pleasant car buying experience we have ever had. Kile was professional, knowledgeable, and completely hassle free. We browsed at our own pace and test drove several vehicle. We just moved to Jacksonville and don't know that many people yet or we would tell them all to come to World Imports. We will definitely be back!"

Justin Tennant - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everyone was helpful and made the experience highly enjoyable."

Ken Fisher - Midway, GA

        "Straightforward service, all information provided when asked and no haggling!"

Kerwin Suarez - Jacksonville, FL

        "I appreciate the opportunity to work with the salesman and manager without significant hassle."

Nicole Crouch - St. Johns, FL

        "Kile was amazing! I was in meetings all day and he made the process very easy and stress free!"

Steven Lopez - West Palm Beach, FL

        "Very helpful and not pushy. Will recommend friends and family to buy a car from World Imports. Greg was awesome during the process. Very knowledgeable and informative."

Daisy Mojica - Jacksonville, FL

        "Outstanding customer service. Very happy to make business with World Imports USA!"

Hector Gonzalez - Jacksonville, FL

        "Kile was very helpful and attentive. World Imports was great!"

Lachelle Neely - Jacksonville, FL

        "Awesome experience. Excellent customer service and very professional!"

Gwendolyn Gill - Jacksonville, FL

        "Experience was great!"

Ferdinand Mendiola - Jacksonville, FL

        "This is a fantastic dealership. They addressed my every concern for buying a vehicle out of state. There was no pressure with this sell. I am very satisfied!"

Charles Thornton - Fountain Inn, SC

        "Jason was very professional and not a pushy salesman. Made everything very easy and comfortable. Cheers!"

Christopher Woolston - Jacksonville, FL

        "Kile was outstanding and was the reason I purchased this vehicle at this dealership!"

Gregory McNamara - Jacksonville, FL

        "Kile was great to work with!"

Christopher Anthony - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Very nice, no pressure atmosphere. Got a fair deal!"

Trina Carver - Jacksonville, FL

        "Kile was very professional, patient and kind."

Mechelle Arnold - St. Marys, FL

        "Great experience! Fast and prompt in sending information and great follow up. This made the difference!"

Lonyt Taylor - Holy Hill, FL

        "Mr. Anderson is a very good guy. He made this experience for my husband a good one. This was a great and fast process. He talked about everything we needed to know and showed us everything inside the car. Excellent!"

Josh Hull - Atlanta, GA

        "Pleasure to work with. Willing to work with me on my needs/wants. Will do business again."

Francis Loving - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason did an amazing job and helped a lot. Great Experience!"

Janice Rice - Jacksonville, FL

        "All the salesmen were great!! Jason and Kile!"

Maurice Moore - Gainsville, FL

        "Reasonable pricing - nation wide competitive. Great no pressure selling and friendly staff."

Ba Tran - Orlando, FL

        "Experience was great. Very professional."

Gregory West - Albany, GA

        "Customer relations and service were excellent. Jason did a great job of making us feel welcome and valued as customers."

Gerald Knight - Brunswick, GA

        "Scott has been very helpful and patient over the past two months in helping me find the right vehicle at the right price!"

Erwin Sanchez - Orange Park, FL

        "Kile and Don were very helpful. This is my first car purchase and they made it easy. I would recommend this place to all my friends and purchase here again. Amazing experience and thank you to Don for getting me financing!!"

Ryan Bellovich - Macclenny, FL

        "Great service, very friendly and made us comfortable."

Mark Sitton - Jacksonville, FL

        "My experience went well with the previous vehicle I purchased. I decided to be a repeat customer at World Imports!"

Juanell Webb - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jason answered every question I had. He was very helpful and I would recommend to anyone to come here."

Christopher Montelongo - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great work, quick and easy. Quality vehicles."

Ken Pressley - Fleming Island, FL

        "Gray and Scott have done a great job. Above and beyond with service."

John Sheffield - Jacksonville, FL

        "Outstanding communication while out to sea. Thank you for the great customer service!"

Mathew Phaneuf

        "The salesperson was great to work with from my initial phone conversation to my onsite visit and purchase of my new car. He was professional and his knowledge of my vehicle and manufacturer (BMW) was superb. I would recommend World Imports to a friend."

David Nolan - Clearwater, FL

        "Pleased with our salesperson. Great buying experience!"

Jean Witt - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very pleasant to work with."

Rachu Chatrathi - Jacksonville, FL

        "Expertise from A to Z; much appreciated!"

Michael Loeding - Jacksonville, FL

        "Greg was terrific to work with and made things happen!"

Wendy Patton - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Jason was very helpful in getting me into the car of my dreams for the price I wanted."

Kyle Oliphant - Groveland, FL

        "Yall were very helpful. Work well with us and good service!"

Austin Brogden - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great service and excellent experience. Thank yo for a wonderful buying experience."

Rachel Khalili - Jacksonville, FL

        "Best experience I have ever had in purchasing a car."

Steve Garrahan - Gainesville, FL

        "It was a wonderful experience. Great Service, a pleasure!"

Kathy Bond - Jacksonville, FL

        "Definitely liked that World Imports matched the CarMax evaluation on the vehicle. Overall my buying experience here has been a very positive one!"

Joseph Micacchione - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very friendly + customer service oriented and salesperson was awesome to work with."

Karturah Lewis - Jacksonville, FL

        "Friendly staff, low pressure. Great experience."

Coit Krug - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everyone that I came in contact with was great!"

Tamika Flynt - Orange Park, FL

        "No hassle, easy to deal with salesperson. I would recommend World Imports to anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle."

James Gray - Jacksonville, FL

        "Excellent experience. Knowledgeable, friendly, in and out. This was actually a easy process. We will be back."

Michael Kraft - St. Johns, FL

        "Treated like a human being and not another sale. Everyone is polite and willing to work with me. Never pressured. Great Sale!"

Kristen Rajak - Jacksonville, FL

        "Nice cars and friendly staff."

Lewis Champion - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Everyone was very patient and helpful. In the end they provided great value. Very positive and friendly environment. Definitely will recommend to friends and family!"

Christine Lee - Jacksonville, FL

        "Salespeople were extremely communicative and professional. Made my buying experience very positive!"

Elizabeth Causby - Maccleney, FL

        "Salesperson was very friendly and helpful on the sale of this Nissan Rogue. The value of the car was properly set and we were treated fairly."

Robert Rodriguez - Fernandina Beach, FL

        "We love World Imports, third car now!"

Andra Moccio - St. Augustine, FL

        "Very good experience. Very helpful and accommodating."

Tina Davis - Fleming Island, FL

        "Very knowledgeable and helpful."

Lauren Smith - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "My experience was great. They worked with me and provided great service."

Paula Sedmock - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very personable, it was a great car buying experience. Thank you!"

Randi Railsback - Jacksonville, FL

        "Flew in from New Jersey and was well taken care of."

Vito Sarullo - Brick, NJ

        "I am beyond satisfied with the service received at World Imports. The employees were patient, pleasant and very informative throughout my car buying experience. I left feeling wonderful and absolutely giddy about my new BMW 328!"

Princess Warren - Tallahassee, FL

        "Great people, car and service! Highly recommend to my friends and family."

Maryann Harmon - Jacksonville, FL

        "Enjoyed the customer service and professionalism."

William Davis - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everyone at World Imports made everything easy, fast and enjoyable. Find another car dealer you can say that about."

Stephen Senn - Jacksonville, FL 

        "Great follow up and excellent customer service!"

Bryant Guidry - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

        "Great customer service! Everyone has great customer service!"

Tishondra Merricks - Gainesville, FL

        "Great experience! Just what I wanted! Salesperson showed what service excellence is about!"

Brittney Bryant - St. Simons, GA

        "Very courteous, knowledgeable and great attitude. Very helpful process with smoothly/quickly, compared to other dealerships."

Vondell Jackson - St. Collins, GA

        "We were completely satisfied with the service we received."

Virginia Carroll - Tallahassee, FL

        "Staff was absolutely awesome!"

Lee Weatherly - Orange Park, FL

        "Salesperson provided great customer service!"

Rebecca Montesdeoca - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very low stress, friendly service, upfront and honest. Will consider for the next car purchase as well! Pleasant, friendly and reliable!"

Jonathan Ingram

        "I love the vehicle selection and the salesperson was very knowledgeable. Awesome experience overall!"

Eric Lambert - Jacksonville, FL

        "Nice perople. Easy to do business with. World Imports salesperson has been so helpful!"

Paul Bremer - Jacksonville, FL

        "Excellent customer service, no pressure and great atmosphere. The reason I purchased!"

Lori Zeka - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very proffessional and pleasant. Everything went very smoothly. Would recommend to anyone visiting the lot or looking for a car!"

Kelvin Brown - Savannah, GA

        "It was nice to be able to come in and do a nice uncomplicated straight dealer with a good delaership."

Phillip Hollis - Fernandina Beach, FL

        "Very helpful, straightforward and easy to work with. The best of the four dealerships I worked with!"

Angie Chastain - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very easy sales experience. Friendly staff, worked with me t make the sale."

Dustin Eck - Jacksonville, FL

        "Awesome amazing service! Salesperson was the most excellent car salesperson I had ever worked with. I will rate World Imports 5 stars for excellent car buying!"

Carla Jordan - Jacksonville, FL

        "Answered all questions very calmly and patiently. This made us feel relaxed and confident about our choice."

Lea Hall - Jacksonville, FL


        "Great vehicle selection!"

John Governale - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Great responsive customer service! Available by phone, text and email. Thank you for making us feel special!"

Keyle Stadther - Lebanon, TN

        "Great freindly honest staff! Thank you very much!"

Patrick Villa - Jacksonville, FL

        "Service was excellent!"

Murrio Ducille

        "Great customer service. We saw the car we wanted online and came in and we got exactly what we wanted!"

Angellette Jones - Valdosta, GA

        "I am so happy because I found this dealership!"

Ioan Prisacariu - Jacksonville, FL

        "Easy process. I would come again, Thanks!"

Jack Wood - Jacksonville, FL

        "Paul was super helpful and friendly. We did not feel rushed or hurried at all. There was no pressure and we had a smooth and seamless buying experience."

Valerie Chong - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everything was handled well."

Ann Melton - Jacksonville, FL

        "Good service by Greg!"

Vineet Goel - Concord, NC

        "Rick was not a pushy salesperson. Did a great customer service. Great experience and would recommend for my friends."

Izabel Oliveira - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "The experience I had was wonderful. The communication between us was great. Everything went smoothly. The paperwork and vehicle experience was also easy and enjoyable."

Jay Harcum - Dalzell, SC

        "Working with the sales team at World Imports was a wonderful experience. Thank you for all your help in getting me into a new vehicle!"

Sherry Naydeck - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great customer service! Will come back in the future to work with them again!"

Jennifer Scruggs - Ormond Beach, FL

        "Saleperson work very hard for us. Thanks for everything!"

Robert Exon, Jacksonville, FL

        "Dealership was very warm feeling. Smooth easy process, looked out for military personal. Great experience!

Devante Fredrick - Stone Mountain, GA

        "Service was excellent! Keep it up!"

Pablo Bassabe - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great experience. Very friendly staff. Knowledgeable and informative."

Patrick Orourke - St. Augustine, FL

        "Salesperson was very knowledgeable, kind and very understanding of what our needs were."

Ronald Parham - Jacksonville, FL

        "My salesperson spent nearly a month working with me on the deal and with a little help from the General Manager. He called his contacts in the auto industry to make the deal come together. Now I am a happy Porsche 911 Turbo owner!"

Andy Bass - Orlando, FL

        "Easy and pleasant to work with."

Kirk Farkas - Pooler, GA

        "We appreciate your efforts to find the price that worked for us."

Christopher Peace - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "We had a very enjoyable experience at World Imports USA. The salesman was very helpful and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this dealership to anyone."

Patricia Pippin - Middleburg, FL

        "Awesome buying experience. Easy helpful and fair. Great place to buy your next vehicle!"

Sid Millspaugh - Citra, FL

        "Salesman was pleasant and knowledgeable. In addition there was no pressure during the buying process."

Kirk Fischer - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Very smooth transaction. Friendly and knowledgeable!"

Teresa Sheppard - Jacksonville, FL

        "Absolutely professional/great salesperson. From phone call to person-to-person. Very knowledgeable of product!"

Robbie Hansley - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very pleased with sales staff and management at World Imports!"

Pam Hudgens - Jacksonville, FL

        "I had a very good business relationship with the manager and salesman. It was a pleasure doing business with World Imports."

Donald Light - Jacksonville, FL

        "Nice People. Great Atmosphere. Excellent Cars!"

Shelton King - Jacksonville, FL

        "They did a great job very satisfied with the way it went!"

Keith Kennedy - Jacksonville, FL

        "Very good and easy experience. Great staff to work with."

Michael Poole - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Salesperson was great to work with. We enjoyed our car buying experience!"

Sharon Treen - St. Augustine, FL

        "Your staff are amazing! Change Nothing!

Price Francois - Jacksonville, FL

        "I was extremely impressed with the service provided, particularly by the salesperson. Upon arrival I found everything to be just as he promised, which suggest World Imports to stand by there standards of integrity and quality products!"

Sean Upton - Green Cove Springs, FL

        "Wonderful sales and service. Will continue to come to World Imports for future vehicles."

Brenda Rivers - Jacksonville, FL

        "Staff always takes great care of me. Buying here is a pleasure!"

Samuel Pratt - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "We have enjoyed our experience fully today and are excited to work again in the future!"

Stephanie Wilder - Jacksonville, FL

        "Rick did a great job presenting the car; everything was well explained. Everyone was very courteous."

Michael Wright - Jacksonville, FL

        "Quick, Friendly, No Hassle Service!"

Marc Zelinsky - Goosecreek, SC

        "It was a relaxing environment. Sales staff very knowledgeable and friendly."

Michael Efferson - Fernandina Beach, FL

        "Treated us with excellent customer service! Salesman was very professional."

Wayne Collier - St. Augustine, FL

        "Quick and will work with you. Salesman was friendly, informative and helpful!"

Anissa Dixon - Flemming Island, FL

        "Paul was very patient and provided excellent service!"

Ellen Ramsey - Jacksonville, FL

        "Awesome customer service from Kile and everyone!"

Manny Rimirez - Orlando, FL

        "Staff was cool, patient and very professional."

Maurice Benoduro - Atlanta, GA

        "Good people, easy and comfortable to deal with."

Joe Stephenson - St. Augustine, FL

        "Good customer service, no high pressure tactics. Knowledgeable staff. Good buying experience, really pleased with the car and deal!"

Jim Parnell - Jacksonville, FL

        "Greg provided a very professional and courteous car buying experience."

Corey Walker - Palm Coast, FL

        "This was the most pleasant car buying experience we have ever had!"

Sharon Sherwood - Neptune Beach, FL

        "Great people and service."

James Plantz - Brunswick, GA

        "Excellent customer relations. Paul and Don were easy to deal with and come to an agreeable price for my trade-in & new vehicle!"

Bram Scharf - Jacksonville, FL

        "Straight forward, car information was correct, knowledgeable salesperson, professional and great deal!"

Stacey Herring - Madison, FL

        "Jeff is very professional and great to work with."

Antonio Villegas - St. Johns, FL

        "Great experience! This is my 3rd car from World Imports!"

Eduardo Fejzo - Jacksonville, FL

        "Excellent customer service."

Alex Burton - Jacksonville, FL

        "Salespersons and service persons always available to answer our questions and concerns promptly and politely!"

Barbara Mello - Flemming Island, FL

        "Gary was very helpful in getting everything handled."

Keith Spalding - Kemah, TX

        "Jeff is a very professional associate. The World Imports experience was far better than other dealerships we have visited."

Chris Van Houten - Jacksonville, FL

        "Always easy here. This is my 6th car from World Imports USA!"

Joel Warner - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everything was great! Thanks Rob!!"

Helmut Hiller - Gainesville, FL

        "Greg was wonderful. Good car buying experience and very happy!"

Cason Sisk - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great customer service!"

Dwayne Decastro - Jacksonville, FL

"We are very happy with the staff. No pressure, thanks!"

Jerry Edwards - St. Augustine, FL

"Everything was wonderful, first class all the way!! I'll be back in four years, thanks!!"

Zainab Saddique - Jacksonville, FL

        "Bought my last car here ten years ago, it has been a great car."

Dan O'Driscoll - St. Augustine, FL

        "Greg Luks and the rest of the staff were very courteous and professional. Second vehicle purchased from World Imports USA and wont be my last!"

Eddie Keller - Savannah, GA

        "Service was very welcoming and the staff was knowledgeable!"

Jennifer Benitez - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everything was handled in a professional manner."

Curtiss Rivet - Jacksonville, FL

        "This was a very easy, smooth and professional transaction. I feel very comfortable and confident I am getting a good deal here at World Imports, which is why I continue to come back. Thank you!"

Taralyn Harvey - Fleming Island, FL

        "Thanks for all that you do!"

Charles Tipton - Jacksonville, FL

        "Loved shopping here!!"

Thomas Cleaveland - Jacksonville, FL

        "Thanks as always for great service! Truly a pleasure working with Greg and the staff!"

Stefan Salzbrunn - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Very courteous & professional. Clean environment and top quality vehicles!"

Alfred Cone III - Jacksonville, FL

        "You guys made long distance buying simple & Secure!"

Greg Carpenter - San Antonio, TX

        "Would recommend! Will come back for the next vehicle purchase!"

Kelli Anderson - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I like the straight forward communications I experienced here. Staff is friendly. I have no negative comments at all."

Upul Abeysiriwardana - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everyone was very accommodating and helpful. We'll definitely be back for our next vehicle!"

Xavier Saunders - Jacksonville, FL

"Great service as usual!"

Fred Jones - Neptune Beach, FL

"Easy to deal with!"

Eugenia Criswell - Trenton, FL

"Process was very smooth, car was clean, presented well. So far, so good!"

Michael Spigel - Jacksonville, FL

"Enjoyed casual, laid back atmosphere. No pressure or rush!"

Janice Cook - St. Marys, GA

"Pleased with the ease of the purchase!"

Roger Luce - Jacksonville, FL

"Polite and professional, thank you!"

Don Smith - Jacksonville, FL

"Very easy purchase, salesman was very professional, friendly and courteous!"

Aysola Kameshwarrao - St. Augustine, FL

"Excellent service plus clean and organized sales floor!"

Frank Terranova - Jacksonville, FL

        "Greg was outstanding in all respects! Great experience overall, Thanks!"

David Mitchell - Yulee, FL

        "Friendly service!"

Matthew Woods - Jacksonville, FL

        "Jeff is very patient. I looked at cars for several weeks, never any pressure."

Christy Kelly - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great service, was not pushed at all. Worked with us and helped us every step of the way."

Frank Selvaggio - Flemming Island, FL

        "It was a breeze!"

Alberto Vargas-Jaume - Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Great experience! Jeff went out of his way to help us with the purchase. Stress free and no pressure!"

Beth Nelson - Jacksonville, FL

        "Keep up the excellent service!"

Rico Simmons - Jacksonville, FL

        "Everything was great! Great car deals, I would recommend anyone to come here!"

Vince Perry - Orange Park, FL

        "Fast, accurate, and friendly service. Thank you!"

Lance Liberti - Jacksonville, FL

        "Outstanding service, very happy!"

Julio Noy - Miami, FL

        "Paul & Greg were both an enormous help with no added pressure, respectable tactics"

Melina Cato - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great service, pleasant atmosphere, excellent sales rep!"

David McLendon - Jacksonville, FL

        "Great job and friendly service from the salesperson!"

Rick McCormick - Jacksonville, FL

        "Your salesman provide a comfortable, low pressure environment and a good selection of vehicles. Keep up the good work!"

Joshua Lynn - Neptune Beach, FL

        "Very easy and smooth long distance car purchase experience, thank you!"

Stephen Deoreo - Akron, OH

        "Jeff was a very nice person to do business with. He greeted me before entering the door. Was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and had an answer for all my questions. I would recommend others to purchase a vehicle here."

Austin Cramer, Jacksonville, FL

        "Paul created a positive car shopping experience. He was never pushy and we enjoyed it."

Anthony Laccetti, St. Marys, GA

        "Very courteous and professional. Thank you!!!"

Edward Madera, Jacksonville, FL

        "I found the customer service at World Imports USA to be exemplary. I recommend this auto dealership to you."

Jim Ewers, Jacksonville, FL

        "I liked the fact there was minimal pressure. The job manager taking the time to greet us personally and hear us out was re-assuring. You guys understand the customer and do a great job keeping the customer!"

Mulinda Lawrence, Jacksonville, FL

        "Great customer service and professionalism! Awesome Vehicles!"

Alex Funes, Jacksonville, FL

        "Good communication with dealership. Work well with me in holding the car until I could get there to purchase it."

Eric Cooper, Richmond Hill, GA

        "This was our first time here and pleasantly surprised. Amazing selection, relaxed atmosphere, overall great experience!"

Toby Smith, Newberry, FL

        "You guys were awesome. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. He answered all communications in an expatiate manner. Definitely exceeded my expectations!"

Nick Doyle, Ponte Vedra, FL

        "Paul was very patient and helpful along with the other employees as well. I felt like they wanted my business. I would definitely refer others seeking a vehicle."

Aaron Blanch, Jacksonville, FL

        "Service was great! Highly recommend Paul - Very good + professional!"

Jeffery Weekback, Jacksonville, FL

        "Great service, great price and great sales experience!"

Chester Spellman, Tallahassee, FL

        "I wouldn't change anything about my experience here. Very friendly and knowledgeable dealers. Cars were nice, clean and very well taken care of."

Marci Cantor, Jacksonville, FL

        "Jeff Erickson is the nicest, most professional car dealership employee. He is knowledgeable and answered all my questions with kindness and respect, a very kind young man."

Ken Patch, Jacksonville, FL

        "Jeff is an asset to World Imports USA, he was very helpful."

Shawn Oneill, Jacksonville, FL

        "Great customer service by the salesperson Rick. He took the time to call me back and help me even though I live in another state."

Andrew Nandalall, Richmond Hill, NY

        "Josh was great to work with!"

Mike Cunningham, Rogersville, MO

        "Feel confident in the purchase. Greg has been very helpful + stayed on top without being "pushy". I would recommend him + World Imports if you have the opportunity."

Johanna Strange, Richmond, KY

        "Excellent Service. Felt no pressure to buy a car. Fair prices; willing to work within my budget."

Yasamani Deravi, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

        "Josh was very courteous and helpful when questions rose. Keep up the good work!"

Patrick Hagan, Middleburg, FL

        "Perfect Sales - No pressure & felt extremely welcome."

George Briidgeforth,Tanner, AL

        "The sales experience was very cordial, and informative. The negotiating process to put us in the car we wanted was very easy and cooperative. Management really worked with us on price."

Ron Moyer,St. Johns, FL

        "Awesome Salesman!! Second time having Josh, repeat customer would definitely encourage others to buy from World Imports!"

Rebecca Leathers, Ponte Vedra FL

        "Mr. Sydorowicz, this message is to inform you that Craig took care of the key. He's been a great person to work with and it's seldom now to find someone with a man of word. We do appreciate doing business with World Imports (my wife is eyeing for Lotus in future) and for taking care of this issue. Please extend our sincere appreciation to Craig for providing us excellent service for this purchase."



Ramon & Aimee Lelis, Cordova TN

        "It was a great experience!"

Thomas Alter, Jacksonville FL

        "Great buying experience from a far (Orlando). Jeff was extremely responsive and helpful."

Kim Watson,Oviedo, FL

        "Outstanding People! Went over and above to make the deal. I saved thousands and it's a new car!"

Jeffrey Penders,Jacksonville, FL

        "We are repeat customers - Very happy with all areas of the dealership!"

Pam Fritz,Fleming Island, FL

        "Don was exceedingly helpful with financing, Craig with setting up the sale plus Josh was very responsible with the final sale."

Melissa Perry,Jacksonville, FL

        "Greg is very outstanding and knowledgeable!"

Norma Santos,Jacksonville, FL

        "Craig Allen provided all information that I asked for regarding this sale. He is a good person to work with."

Ramon Lelis,Cordova, TN

        "Your dealership has a reputation of being Honest with good Customers Support."

Kris Kane,Jacksonville, FL

        "After being disappointed in my search for a vehicle, I contacted your company about a specific vehicle. Josh was courteous, knowledgeable, and quickly guided me through the sales process to purchase the vehicle I have been waiting for! We will be repeat customers and will be happy to refer your company as well."

Tracey Currey,St. Apopka, FL

"Very Pleased"

Very pleased with the service and price!

Sarah Kohn,Jacksonville, FL

"Good from Start to Finish"

Rick Selby was outstanding with my purchase from start to finish. 

Terry Newsome,Jacksonville, Fl

"Great Customer Service"

Josh was great! Very informative, helpful, and was willing to take calls and texts from me even when he wan't at work! Great customer survice!

Hillary Schroeder,Neptune Beach, FL

"Out of Town"


Dear Potential World Imports USA Customer:


Thinking about buying a car from World Imports USA but you are worried about purchasing a car "sight unseen" or from a long distance away? Never fear!!


We live in the Seattle area (about as far away from Jacksonsville as you can get and still be in the U.S.) and we had a wonderful, worry-free car buying experience with World Imports USA.  First of all, would a new car Lotus dealership really risk their reputation by having "shady" pre-owned cars of any type on their premises? Not if they wanted to stay in business!! We found that fact alone to be very reassuring. In addition, our 27 year old Porsche Turbo came with ALL of the service records!! Our salesman, Craig Allen, was a Certified Porsche Specialist, and he was very knowledgeable re the history, features, and any potential issues of the car we chose. Craig was very upfront and honest about what was found on the thorough pre-sale inspection that World Imports USA performs on every car before it is put up for sale. Because they stand by their vehicles, World Imports personnel can even recommend local mechanics if you want an additional, independent opinion on the car you are considering. All of your car's paperwork is easily done via email and UPS, and it is obvious that the business staff is very skilled with out-of-state transactions.


World Imports USA routinely ships cars all over the world.  Since they are used to transporting vehicles to Dubai, getting your car to Detroit or Dubuque will NOT be a problem. We even received pictures of our "baby" being loaded on the transporter.


In summary, all we can say is that this transaction was smooth, simple, and actually fun!! If only buying a car locally was this easy!! There was no sales pressure or any games throughout the entire process from Craig or any of  the World Imports USA staff.


Yours truly,

Kathleen and Gerry Loeffler

Kathleen and Gerry Loeffler

"Great Dealership"


Thanks so much for delivering the car of my dreams to the little rural town of Toccoa, GA.  Needless to say, we only have a couple of small car dealerships and neither sell imported cars.  I searched the internet for 8 months to find the G37 Convertible in Bright Red at the price I could afford.  The only other dealer that had the Bright Red and came close to your price told me I would have to arrange my own delivery or drive 9 hours to pick it up.   

As I told you in the beginning, I was VERY reluctant to by a car over the internet.  For an old gal like me, it actually sounds like a CRAZY idea!  However, you and your team delivered the car I wanted at the price I could afford right to my DOOR.  Thanks so much for your quick responses to ALL my questions and yes, I know I am a fickle customer.  Also, please give a special thanks to Gary Kelly for top notch financing and actually beating my credit unions interest rates, which hardly ever gets beat!  I will definitely be buying my next car from you all. 

Thanks again!

LaWanda Mullinix,Taccoa, GA

"Great Salesman"

Our salesman Gregory Luks was wonderful! He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about te vehicle we were looking at. He was honest and forth coming on all aspects which we appreciated very, very much! We will be back! 

Lonnie Katt,Negaunee, MI

"Trustful Car Salesman"

Gregory Luks has restored my trust in car salesmen and the purchasing process over the internet and in person!

Adam Spillett,Jacksonville, FL

"Third Vehicle Bought Here"

Third vehicle bought here! Thanks! Rick was great and wonderful to do business with. Everyone was great!

Barbara Schnock,Jacksonville, FL

"Second Car"

This is my second car that I purchased from World Imports. Lots of my friends bought cars from here as well. Keep guys like Rick around and we will be back again and again! Well done!

Elena Kraft,Jacksonville, FL

"Six Vehicles"

We have purchased six vehicles from your establishment so your name and service speaks for itself!

James Brown,Adel, GA

"Remarkable Customer Service"

The customer service is remarkable, people are professional and friendly! 

James Karapetyan,Jacksonville, FL

"Second Great Experience"

This is the second vehicle purchase in a month and this experience was just as positive as the first. If you are looking for quality vehicles at competitive prices, you should consider World Imports. Friendly, Honest, and Fair.

Joel Bratkovich,Jacksonville, FL

"Danke !"

Came by yesterday with my fiancee whom had purchased 4 vehicles through you guys.  Was coming to put my car in the shop that I hadn't even purchased there. Your Service Manager,  Pat, is the most honest and knowledgeable mechanic I've ever came across.  I saw a Mercedes that I fell in love with.  I felt no pressure to buy for the first time in my life.  So I thought, OK, the finance guy's gonna put the pressure with trying to sell us unwanted warranties/gap!  He didn't care.  Told us to shop around.  We bought it!  I have never seen a dealership with your qualities in my whole existence. Just wanted to say thank you for getting us in and out in 2 hours and making it the first wonderful car buying experience in my whole life.  I'm leaving the World Imports sticker on my bumper and the tag.  I want people to ask me where I bought my car AND where I'll be buying all my future cars! Thank you!

Andreas & Elizabeth

"Excellent Sales Experience"

Excellent sales experience, will be back in April to deal with you.

Michael Jones,Jacksonville, FL

"Best Buying Experience at World Imports USA"

Having visited many garages in and around Jacksonville area, we found the buying experience at World Imports USA one of the best. Rick Selby, in particular, deserves special mention as an extremely good car salesman, with a friendly professional manner that made us want to deal with him. Car preparation for collection was first class. Thank you. 

Eric McFarlane,Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Gratitude for the Wonderful Experience at World Imports"

I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience in purchasing my 2010 370Z from World Imports, Inc.

First off, this was a sight unseen purchase! I felt confident in the reliability of the car thank to Craig Allen. I am not surprised to have found out that he has many years experience buying and selling cars via the internet. It didn't hurt his credibility hearing that he was a navel Submariner!

Second, the car was as breathtaking as promoted. I was also Impressed with the inventory of the other fine automobiles on the lot when I got to your dealership!. (BMW's, Infiniti's, Viper...)

Finally, I was treated well by your whole staff. I was in and out back home to Orlando in no time at all.

Please communicate my thanks to your staff.

Best regards,

Michael Rallis,Kissimee, FL

"Great Experience"

Great Experience! Very accommodating not the usual car dealer experience I am used too. Thank you Rick! 

Francis White,Jacksonville, FL

"Best Buying Experience at World Imports USA"

Having visited many garages in and around Jacksonville area, we found the buying experience at World Imports USA one of the best. Rick Selby, in particular, deserves special mention as an extremely good car salesman, with a friendly professional manner that made us want to deal with him. Car preparation for collection was first class. Thank you. 

Eric McFarlane,Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Pleasant and a Joy"

Greg Luks was very pleasant and a joy to work with du[ring this purchase. He did not mind assisting us with our car search during the rain. His customer service is very commendable.

Charrmaine McQueen-Carswell,Jacksonville, FL

"World Imports is a Great Place"

World Imports is a great place. Great people, Greg Luks in sales and Pat plus Alex in service. I bought my wife's car here and have had both cars serviced here for years.

John Schwartz,St. Augustine, FL

"Excellent Follow Up"

My initial contact was via web; I was performing a general search and came across your dealership. I can tell you that the primary reason for coming into your dealership was due to your salesman Rick Selby's  follow up. He proactively reached out to me several times, and made sure that all of our questions were answered. While we were ultimately handed off to Greg Luks we were equally as pleased with his professionalism.

Charles Jackon,Lake Mary, FL

"Painless Buy"

Craig was interested in what I was looking for, did not veer plus kept it simple. It's painful to buy a car, this was not painful. Thanks! 

Elisa Lowry,Jacksonville, FL

"Purchase Made Easy"

Craig was great. Met all my needs and made the purchase very easy!

Christopher Davis,St. Marys, GA

"Service was Above Excellent"

The service was above excellent. The salesperson, finance manager, and the entire finance department were above board. It has been a challenge the last three and a half years to establish good service and rebuild your life and credit. I was given information that was pertinent and informative to help improve my credit as well as my quality of life. Thanks to you all!

Glonda Sims,Jacksonville, FL

"Thank You!"

Best service to date, thank you so much. Josh was super fast, informative, and not pushy. Great feeling coming into a dealership!

Stacy Reshen,Jacksonville, FL

"Treated with High Level of Respect"

Definitely treated with hight level of respect. No pressure atmosphere plus they try to find alternatives that could fit my budget without belittling the amount. 

David Georgi,Yulee, FL

"Stress Free Car Buying"

Car buying can be stressful but Rick and Don made the entire process stress free. This was a great experience, I'm glad we were able purchase from World Imports. No pushy sales and no games, just straight forward talk and a true concern for making sure we found exactly what we wanted.

Brian Covington,Jacksonville, FL

"Good Experience"

I had a very good experience with Greg Luks. I definitely would recommend World Imports to others.

Andrew Lindvig,Malvern, PA

"Helpful World Imports Team"

The entire team at World Imports was extremely helpful and knowledgable. I would highly recommend World Imports to anyone looking for a new car in the Jacksonville area!

Amanda Gordish,Jacksonville, FL

"Friendly Staff"

The staff here are very friendly and courteous. They made me and my family feel at ease when buying a car. I would recommend anyone to this dealership, hands down. 

Charlotte Rowe,Jacksonville, FL

"Enjoyable Experience"

Greg Luks was very friendly and helpful. He knew the product and made this transaction painless. An enjoyable experience!

Jennifer Duncan,Jacksonville, FL

"Great Experience"

Rick Selby was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend World Imports to any serious car buyer who is looking to be treated with the upmost respect, and a great price!

Ali Mertz,Jacksonville, FL

"Great Service"

Great Service! Met all my needs and very patient. I would recommend to everyone. Rick Selby was very professional and went out of his way to check everything out about this car.

Katlin Williamson,Jacksonville, FL

"Great Experience"

I'm a four time repeat customer and love World Imports USA. Wouldn't buy a used car anywhere else. Jimmy Sheets was a true professional. Great experience all around!

Ronald Pearce,St. Johns, FL

"Friendly and Helpful"

Everyone was friendly and helpful especially Rick Selby. I would recommend to anyone looking for a car to go to World Imports.

George Mallinson,Jacksonville, FL

"Easy Business"

World Imports is easy to do business with. This is my third car from them!

Mike Lucas,Jacksonville, FL

"Helpful and Easy"

Competitive pricing helps you guys stand out. Greg was very helpful and easy to work with. Good experience.

Greg Kibilko,Townville, SC

"Best Car Buying Experience"

Best car buying experience to date! I will definitely return in the future, Thanks guys!

Sarah Turpie,Jacksonville, FL

"Pressure Free"

Didn't feel pressured at all through the buying process. Great customer service!

Jonathan Lacoste,Jacksonville, FL

"wonderful experience"

I had a wonderful experience while purchasing my Volvo XC90 from World Imports. Being 260 miles away from the location of the vehicle puts a bit of a damper on things, but with Greg's help, along with several others, I was able to receive my paperwork overnight and buy the vehicle of my dreams for a lot less than the Volvo dealership in my area! I also asked that they deliver it to me? very well worth the money spent! The whole process took about a week and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, used SUV. I will definitely use World Imports again if the offer presents itself.

Kendall Mims,Headland, AL

"Thank You"

My experience with Paul of World Imports was one that I hope to repeat again. The selection of vehicles is excellent and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thank You.

David,Stamford, CT

"pressure free buying experience"

We really appreciate the pressure free buying experience at World Imports USA. The salesman was very knowledgeable with all of the vehicles that we were interested in. We love the BMW X5 that we purchased. I would recommend buying a car from your dealership to anyone that is in the market for a quality pre-owned vehicle.

Jeremy & Lori Tipton,Jacksonville, FL

"No hassles!"

Great experience! No hassles! Will definately shop here again.

Meredith Divita,Jacksonville, FL

"professional, accurate, honest and pleasant"

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the car and the purchase experience. It is rare to find a quality dealership these days, WORLD IMPORTS is one for sure. Every aspect of the purchase experience with Jimmy was professional, accurate, honest and pleasant. This has been the easiest automobile transaction I have ever had, thanks to Jimmy. As far as the car, it couldn't be any better. The handling by WI, the low miles added while in your service, the prep, everything was done with commitment to the buyer to deliver a quality product.

Michael O'Brien,Merrimack, NH

"Very professional and reliable"

Very professional and reliable. My family has bought five cars now because of the trust and respect we have for World Imports.

Michelle Fisher,Jacksonville, FL

"Courteous, professional"

Courteous, professional and overall easy transaction. Thanks!

Vincent Bex,Jacksonville, FL

"enjoyable experience"

Great product, friendly staff. As car buying goes, this was an enjoyable experience

Russell Crosby,Jacksonville, FL

"Very pleased"

Very pleased with the low pressure approach. Good pricing.

Karen Greene,St. Augustine, FL

"can't say enough nice things"

I did purchase a vehicle from your store and can't say enough nice things about my experience. Your staff was amazing from start to finish and treated me as though I was family. I will be a lifetime customer and will refer as many friends and family as possible. Thank you again for such a wonderful car buying experience.

Tammy Reideler,Jacksonville, FL

"a premier dealership "

I purchased a vehicle from World Imports back in 2006 and had such a great experience with the dealership that I decided to come back in 2010 to purchase another vehicle from them. Although this time around, they didn't have the car I was exactly looking for, they really out did themselves and went out and got the one that I wanted with all the bells and whistles and at a price that beat the price of all the other local dealerships and let me mention a vehicle that was in far better condition than any other used car dealership selling the exact same model. They definitely proved themselves as being a premier dealership that specializes in selling low mileage and in near mint condition vehicles. I wanted to thank everyone involved in my acquisition for going above and beyond on getting me and my family into the vehicle we wanted. I'll be coming back again when I am in the market for another and will also be spreading the word on the many car enthusiast forums I am a member of. Thanks again guys!

Dennis Torrijos,Jacksonville, FL

"Great Service and comfortable atmosphere"

Great Service and comfortable atmosphere. Sales Representatives were helpful and knowledgable.

Craig Love,Folkston, GA


I would definitely recommend this dealership.

Ivona Frljak,Jacksonville, FL

"always been satisfied"

We've purchased from World Imports previously and always been satisfied.

Rick & Elaine Mann,Atlantic Beach, FL

"could not be more pleased"

I (we) could not be more pleased with the experience we had at your dealership. Greg, Jimmie, and of course, you were more than helpful and perhaps more importantly, you & your team weren't "pushy". Trust me when I say this (& I believe Jackie said this to Greg last Sat), it usually takes her longer to buy shoes than it took us to buy the BMW and that was a direct result of you having a good product, fair pricing, and a friendly non-confrontational environment. Jackie will be ready to replace her Volvo in 1-2 years and you can be sure that we'll be stopping by your place first.

Thx for the follow-up and once again, please pass on our thanks to your team.

Gary, Jackie, & Sami Resh,Jacksonville, FL


This is my 2nd purchase here. I would not come back if I wasn't happy with the 1st.

Matthew Streiff,Jacksonville, FL


Tom is very knowledgable and helpful. Definitely made me a happy customer and I will refer friends and family.

Matthew Chambliss,St Marys, GA


Enjoyed buying a car here. No pressure and very courteous.

Ralph Bonilla,Jacksonville, FL


Great service - Great job!

Wanda Melampy,Jacksonville, FL


Professional and courteous with no pressure.

Gustavo Gari,Jacksonville, FL


Great - No pressure. Friendly staff - No nonsense

Gary Resh,Jacksonville, FL


My siblings have purchased from World Imports. No pressure easy purchase.

Maria Williams,St Augustine, FL


We gave our price range and what features we were wanting and World Imports found the exact car we were looking for. World Imports did not try to persuade us to buy something that did not fit our budget. Great Service!! We got exactly what we were wanting in a car.

Jonathan Crews,Mcclenny, FL


Its nice to have a dealership that you can trust and always has a good selection and great prices. I will buy from World Imports again and again.

Christopher Navarro,Jacksonville, FL


Repeat customer - Great Service as usual.

Malcolm Oliver,Ponte Vedra, FL


I love my new car!! Its my second purchase from World Imports.

Elizabeth Ehlers,Jacksonville, FL


Great & Friendly customer service - Thanks! Highly recommend

Mark McCoy,Jacksonville, FL


World Imports was very helpful. They went the extra mile for a first time buyer.

Stephanie Odom,Jacksonville, FL


Very smooth and pleasurable experience. I normally do not enjoy the car buying experience, however this one will go down in the books.

Sonia Smith,Jacksonville, FL


World Imports made car shopping enjoyable.

Shane Dasher,Jacksonville, FL


Absolutely good experience. Jimmy and Paul were very thorough on the selling process.

David Rosenburg,Palm Coast, FL


Keep up the good work World Imports.

Delores Blowers,Jacksonville, FL


Paul was great to deal with.

Dominciano Bayot,Jacksonville, FL


Second car we purchased at World Imports in 2010. So nice to deal with professionals.

Michael Lee,Jacksonville, FL


Michael was very helpful and got us 2 great cars in the same day.We recently moved from NY city and enjoyed the experience.

Mikaela McCalley,Jacksonville, FL


Don was extremely nice and very helpful. This is our second vehicle purchased at World Imports. We definitely will do business there again.

Kevin Franklin,Jacksonville, FL


Overall pleasant experience. The sales person was upfront about the features and history.

Michael Wade,Jacksonville Beach, FL


Greg was very courteous and professional. Thanks.

Misty Yeatts,Jacksonville, FL


Very well treated through out the process. Thank you.

Brian Schnier,Tampa, FL


Mike was very helpful and professional.

Steven Otocki,Jacksonville, FL


Greg was awesome!!!

Malcolm Williams,Jacksonville, FL


Tom was very helpful and professional. We will recommend him and World Imports to others. We have enjoyed doing business with World Imports.

Keith Tucker,Jacksonville, FL


This purchase has been a wonderful experience. Very courteous and professional staff - HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Brenda Sherman,Longwood, FL


Another pleasurable buying experience (repeat customer).

Adam Moyer,Atlantic Beach, FL


Always a pleasure to do business with Greg. I recommend all my friends and family to do business with him and World Imports.

Joy Craig,Jacksonville, FL


My search started with Paul several weeks ago and as my life became busy I suspended my search. Paul kept up with me and once I came in Don was able to answer all my questions and make the process very simple.

Douglas Pusey,Palm Coast, FL


Greg was a great person to work with. Thank You.

Tien Nguyen,Jacksonville, FL


Thank you for the great service! Warm welcoming and great customer service. Paul and Kevin were both open to do whatever they can to meet the customers needs and requirements. It is much appreciated.

Diana Roybal,Jacksonville, FL


I found World Imports to be a clean, well run organization and it will be my pleasure to rate your dealership.

Reggie Smith,Jacksonville, FL


This is my second time dealing with Don and he is the best. I like the selection.

James Smith,Jacksonville, FL


Don was very pleasant to deal with. My first experience with the dealership, I would definately buy from here again.

Lynn Parker,Jacksonville, FL


Excellent, friendly, answered all my questions and would recommend friends. Don was exceptional.

Jill Fauth,Jacksonville, FL


Very pleased with personel and inventory. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

James & Marg Schroeder,Jacksonville, FL


Both Michael and Kevin were warm and professional. They worked to help me stay within my budget without compromising quality, and it was greatly appreciated.

Lisa McMurry,Jacksonville, FL


 The staff was very knowledgable, helpful and porfessional. We found a car that is perfect for us and also great value. Thanks!

Andres Gallo,Jacksonville, FL


As a experienced buyer for a unique auto I found your web site to be excellent source.

Daniel Golden,Flower Mound, TX


As soon as we walked in the dealership Don greeted us warmly. We told him what we are looking for and he was able to show us cars that fit our criteria. He was very kind, knowledgable and professional. He was not a pushy salesman and we are very pleased with that. Thank you for the awesome experience.

Tommy Summers,Middleburg, FL


Mr. Don Angle was a pleasure working with. He answered all of our questions honestly. He was etremely professional and friendly. This was the best car buying experience we have had and will recommend World Imports. We will be back to purchase future vehicles. Thank You.

Bruce Moor,Jacksonville, FL


My first experiece with World Imports was outstanding. Very relaxed discussions of my purchase options. Great Staff!! Terrific buying experience.

Tim Jeffries,St Cloud, FL

"great service"

felt like familty from the very beginning.  Jimmy provided great service!

Matthew Gruber,Tampa

"Great as usual"

Makes it easy for customers!!  Jimmy, Jake & Pat have been great at service.  I feel very comfortable telling everyone about you guys.  Thanks

Danny Witt Jr,Ponte Vedra

"Great experience"

Paul was very nice to work with and made buying this car very easy.

Cynthia Brackett,Jacksonville


Really appreciate Don and the team understanding my situation and working through it with me.

Michael Bone,Jacksonville

"Very refreshing"

My experience was refreshing.  No fast talking, no pressure and still negotiated to make my budget :)  Very good experience.

Noushin Mathlin,Jacksonville

"No pressure"

I appreciate the professionlism of your establishment.  No pressure and very courteous.  Thank you

Lynette Dixon,Gainesville

"No hassle"

Great experience, no hassle and quick!

Richard Griner,Jax Beach

"Low pressure"

Low pressure, responsive and helpful!

Willaim VanEpps,Fernandina Beach

"Great job"

Don did a great job!

Thomas Buck,Jacksonville


Paul Cicchinelli was friendly & to the point.  Very helpful.

Linda Loftis-Vrooman,Fernandina Beach


Don made car buying as simple as can be.. Up front, honest and didn't play all the games other dealerships do.  Would love to buy here again!

Nicholas Hochstein,St Augustine

"No pressure"

Don was courteous and friendly.  Appreicate the "no" pressure sales.

Anthony Claudia,Jacksonville

"Will recommend"

I enjoyed meeting Don!  He was extremely professional and never tried to push the car.  Very up front.  This is the lesson all other dealerships should learn from.  I will recommend this dealership to other family and/or friends.

James York,Jacksonville

"Paul was awesome!!"

I have been looking for an Infiniti FX35 for a while.  As soon as I called him, he sent me the Carfax information and pics.  I would recommend World Imports to everybody !

Donovan Stinson,Valdosta GA

"Thank you for everything!!"

Was a very nice experience and Greg helped every step move as smoothly as possible.

Alicai Mullins,Glennville GA

"Paul was very patient"

I appreciate the willingness to negotiate.  Paul was very patient and did all he could and we were able to "seal the deal".

Michelle Gullett,Jacksonville

"Second time"

Good interatction w/customer without high pressure pushing.  I would not have been back a second time had that not been the case.  Good job!

Raymond Vogel,St Johns


but with a personal touch.

David Gowan,Jacksonville

"Sincerely glad for the opportunity"

Don Angle at World Imports was awesome!  He was warm and very patient the moment I entered the building.  This dealership has a very welcoming environment.

Deidre Calloway,Orange Park

"Great Job !!"

This is our second purchase with World Imports and you guys continue to exceed our expectations.

Jennifer Gordon,Jacksonville

"Great Stuff!!"

Will recommend to future car buyers....

Jose Estrade,Sanford


Greg was great!

Stuart Mclean,Fernandina Beach

"Great service"

We felt very comfortable in purchasing the vehicle.

Eryka Delan,Jacksonville


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