The Future S-Class to be Revealed at Paris Auto Show

Most car manufactures pull out the big guns to show off their greatest automotive creations at famous international car shows, but at the 2012 Paris Auto Show going on in a few weeks, Mercedes-Benz is using a truly new approach to give car enthusiasts a first glance at the exciting new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class lineup.

In an act that will combine creative genius with automotive skill, the maker of these luxury cars will introduce "Aesthetics S." Invented directly by the Mercedes-Benz car manufacturing team, the art exhibit shows the forthcoming luxury saloon with a solid body sculpture and intricate light show. The extremely original production will show Mercedes S-Class models of the past before using light and reflective materials to reveal the new, full shape of the 2014 variant.

At this point, World Imports USA and other luxury car aficionados can only guess at the auto's future appearance. Luckily, a man named Gordon Wagner, who is Mercedes-Benz Design Chief, is giving everyone a clue, stating, "The characteristic lines of the S-class have always showed the expression of automotive culture as we understand it. The brand new S-Class will continue to show this tradition and, its strong lines will put a face to our design philosophy over the upcoming years."1

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