There are more luxury car brands than ever before, which means a lot to consider when looking for your next luxury vehicle in Jacksonville. Well, if you want a unique luxury vehicle from a brand that has been exciting drivers for decades, a new Lotus at our dealership is the perfect match. Lotus models are unlike any other sports cars on the market, which helps them to stand out more than other luxury vehicles that you may be considering. Read on for more history about the Lotus car brand and our Lotus dealership near San Marco.

History of the Lotus Car Brand

Lotus models have been winning on the track and in the eyes of drivers since 1952. Anthony Chapman built his first circuit racing car in 1951 and formed the Lotus Engineering Company just a year later. From there, the success of the Lotus brand continued for both the racing team and the company. Innovative racing qualities, such as the mid-engine layout and prioritizing lightness over power, helped the racing team win the 1963 Formula One Constructors' Championship and Drivers Title. Meanwhile, Lotus models were exciting drivers throughout Britain and the U.S. and appearing in James Bond movies.

Nowadays, Lotus models continue to prioritize the qualities that Anthony Chapman had in mind with his first vehicles. Our new Lotus cars near Ponte Vedra Beach are aerodynamic with impeccable handling and a feel that other luxury vehicles just can't match. Models such as the Lotus Elise and Lotus Evora have futuristic styles and features that make them some of the most exhilarating luxury cars to own.

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