How do I read a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

You see it with a prospective used car you like – a CARFAX Vehicle History Report – but aren’t quite sure what it covers or means. Ready to learn the process behind establishing, updating and regulating this condition and vehicle background report? We have you covered with this overview.

Explaining a CARFAX Vehicle History Report

When you're shopping for a pre-owned luxury or performance vehicle from World Imports USA in Jacksonville, you may see that a CARFAX Vehicle History Report is available on a vehicle you're interested in. Not only does it help you to know what your prospective vehicle has been through, but it can give you an picture of how well cared for the vehicle was before it landed at our dealership.


Simply put, a clean CARFAX means that no accidents or damage repair have been reported on the selected vehicle. This can give you the confidence that your prospective vehicle is in excellent working condition and hasn’t been involved in a serious accident that required professional repair work.

Accident Damage

Whenever an accident occurs and the police or insurance companies are involved, it will appear on the CARFAX report. This lets you know not only how many accidents the vehicle may have been in, but it will tell you the type of impact so you can make an informed decision.

Structural Damage

While this can be as serious as frame damage, it can also include something like a door panel being dented as a result of a minor fender bender. Either way, vehicles with this distinction are often found a much lower prices so you can score a great deal.

Airbag Deployment

This is an indication of a fairly serious accident, and therefore intensive vehicle repair. While not always the case, often this means front end damage which will once again score you a great deal on a high-end vehicle.

Additional Damage

Generally minor non-accident related items end up here. Such instances may include scratch or dent repair, broken rim replacement, or window repairs and replacements.

Manufacturer Buyback

Generally speaking, this means that a vehicle was returned by the customer. While reasons for this may vary from dissatisfaction to warranty repairs, these are generally very low mileage models that will drive just like new.

Off Lease Only discloses "Previous Accident" on any car with an Air bag deployed on Carfax or Auto check, Severe damage on Carfax or Auto Check, Any Unibody or Structural announced car at any auction regardless of what Auto Check or Carfax says.

*Auction announcements of structural damage are in the form of words such as Airbag/ Unibody/ Frame/ Structural based on NAAA Auction Arbitration Rules. This simply means that the car has been in a previous accident and has sustained damage at one time. There is no distinction between a minor dent or a major accident when it comes to the use of these words. Due to Unibody construction, any vehicle that sustains any damage can be considered, even if the accident is as minor as an 1/8 inch-1 inch dent to the body or structure of the vehicle, or something much more serious.

ALL THE CARS WE SELL ARE FREE OF FLOOD, SALVAGE OR REBUILT HISTORY.All cars qualify for the Carfax Buyback Guarantee, unless otherwise noted.