Collector Series: Vintage Luxury Cars in Jacksonville FL

Explore the Collector's Series at World Imports USA

If you're a Ponte Vedra Beach or San Marco driver with an affinity for rare or one-of-a-kind vehicles, you've come to the right place. At World Imports USA, our business has been built on a passion for luxury vehicles, both modern and classic. Hence, we've consolidated a selection of exclusive vehicles that our customers can shop from if they are looking for something truly unique.

What is the World Imports USA Collector's Series?

The World Imports USA Collector's Series is built for drivers around Palm Valley who have a very keen eye for quality and exclusivity. These vehicles are, at a minimum, ten model years old and are rare finds as far as luxury vehicles go. You'll find models from some of the world's best brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and Lotus, and each vehicle is in like-new condition. Although these vehicles are older, their mileage remains relatively low.

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle from World Imports USA?

At World Imports USA, our pride and joy have been to build a comprehensive inventory of pre-owned luxury vehicles from brands all over the world. Over the years, our meticulous eye for quality has been refined, allowing us to provide the most experienced luxury vehicle drivers with the best used luxury vehicles in Jacksonville.

Even if you aren't certain what kind of vehicle you're after, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right vehicle every time.

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