Throwback Thursday: Lotus Evora Wows Top Gear's Clarkson

While Top Gear has said goodbye to its bombastic host, Jeremy Clarkson's acerbic evaluations of top tier sports cars are still well worth watching.

Back in 2010, he test drove the Lotus Evora, and quite frankly, it blew him away.

Though he had a few criticisms about the interior, it's hard to hear them over his whooping and gleeful laughter. "This is handling by telepathy!" he cried, noting the pocket-sized sports car's precision steering.

Clarkson layered on the metaphors with typical English wit. "It's the only car I've ever driven-- ever-- which is a killer attack dog and an old sofa." The suspension is soft enough to allow him to contentedly spin donuts in the grass, marveling that in any other supercar, his skeleton would disintegrated. Yet, the Lotus Evora's suspension is still hard enough for it to attack the tarmac with unparalleled handling.

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